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Aliens? Of Course! – Pinky Visits Outer Space

10 Aug

A rocket ship zooming through the galaxy; cute, tiny extraterrestrials with fairy-like wings, webbed feet and clownish hair; and main character, Pinky Frink acting very diplomatic is what you’ll find  in the latest Pinky Frink’s Adventure, “Pinky Visits Outer Space“.

Cover Art

In this wonderful fantasy for early juvenile audiences, Pinky has a tremendous space adventure where she encounters strange beings but remembers to always remain polite and heed warnings about interaction with strangers previously provided by her parents. Pinky shows she remembers her parent’s safety guidlines when she doesn’t enter into the strange alien’s home and politely declines offers of beverages for the same reason.

Pinky shares details about her life on earth with the inhabitants of the planet she’s exploring, plus learns some things about their way of life too. The ending has a delightful twist (I won’t give it away here!), and a discerning eye viewing the final page may notice something in the background that may keep the reader guessing!

The wonderful rhyming storyline is enhanced by the colorful, cute illustrations. This book will be a definite plus to any early juvenile library (toddlers to early elementary). It is available through the following booksellers in a variety of formats – but for traditionalists, I always recommend a printed copy, with a digital copy as a “travel companion”!