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Pinky Frink Book Club Coming Summer 2013

13 Mar

I am so excited to share this news with all of the Pinky Frink fans out there! The day I created Pinky, she became an integral part of my life. Besides being a great kid who is devoted to her family and cherishes her friends, she is truly a fantastic role model for youngsters.

The addition of the Pinky Frink Book Club will enable young children to expand their venues for engaging in learning activities and playing educational games in a safe, juvenile-friendly environment.  While club members will have access to coloring pages, interactive games and puzzles, read a-long books and learning materials, there will never be any member-to-member interaction of any sort, thereby preventing predation.

Best of all, membership in the Pinky Frink Book Club is FREE, and that membership gives the child access to tons of learning fun that helps promote literacy, communication, thought processing and motor skills.  Though a very inexpensive paid level of membership (Super Adventure Members), the free level of membership will be rich in quality learning entertainment.

Super Adventure Members will receive discounts on special items (Pinky Frink books, Pinky Frink gear & Pinky Frink clothing) plus have access to Adventure videos (Pinky Frink cartoons) and interactive versions of all Pinky Frink books.

I will update posts here on this site to announce when the beta version of the Pinky Frink Book Club launches. At that time you will be able to register for free membership.