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Books Are a MUST on Every Child’s Gift List!

14 Dec

There are a few children out there who start their Christmas or holiday wish list with books, but they are not the majority. Most children lead off their lists with the latest and greatest toy or electronic device. The simple truth is, if a child has developed a love for the written word, then often a book is all that is needed to fire up their imagination.

Books, Books, Books

Books, Books, Books

Instead of needing a visual representation to drive home the meaning of the storyline, books use the written word to build a vision. Text formed into meaningful sentences, with descriptive adjectives and action-packed verbs conjure images in a youngster’s mind. In addition to this imaginative stimulation, books help a growing child acclimate to expected norms and behaviors. They teach by example how to act and react to environmental stimuli. Though technology has provided many tools to assist in the learning process, nothing – that’s correct, nothing – will ever replace the value of literacy in a child’s world.

Parents are the first-line teachers in helping to develop a child’s love of reading, which must start at a very young age. Implement a habit of reading your child a bedtime story every night. Schedule a daily bonding session that includes reading and sharing thoughts on the story. It is NEVER too early to start reading to a child. Though their attention spans may be quite short during the toddler years, the more you emphasize that reading is fun, that it is a special time to spend with mom or dad or even alone with a book, the better off the child will be.

So much of a child’s future education relies on their literacy and ability to retain knowledge gathered from the printed word that neglecting to read and develop of a love of reading can be debilitating to their success.  Even simple picture books with a single word on each page will help a toddler build their vocabulary and start to associate words with pictures and recognize letters of the alphabet. A youngster’s mind is an absorbent sponge ready to drink in knowledge.

So when you are shopping for a child, whether a toddler, preschooler, elementary age or a teen, add an age-appropriate book to your gift list.  Assisting a child in attaining literacy is the greatest gift you could ever give them.


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