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New Book – Pinky Visits the Circus

12 Apr
Book Cover

Book Cover

As a youngster, one of my fondest memories was a family outing to see the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus at Boston Garden. My brothers and I were mesmerized by all of the exotic animals, the daredevils and the skilled performers of the flying trapeze and high-wire. It was my first introduction to the art of Aerial Silk, and to this day many years later, I am still enthralled with the men and women who gracefully entwine themselves in fabric while doing acrobatic feats high in the air.

In my latest book, Pinky Visits the Circus, those same circus acts that wowed me as a child also leave Pinky, her brother Peter and her friend Mary in awe. Just like every other Pinky Frink book, an adorable story with brightly colored illustrations are enhanced by the rhyming verbiage. Along with the big cats, elephants, horses and circus clowns, their are appearances in the book by jugglers, unicyclists, acrobats plus all of the traditional circus aerial acts. Young readers can share the joy and awe experienced by Pinky, her family and her friend as they watch the performance under the big top!

Pinky and I share similar levels of excitement about the circus, so we made a video together to announce the release of Pinky Visits the Circus. We certainly hope you enjoy our short video and invite fans to contact Pinky via email to PinkyFrink@grannyjsplace.com – Pinky will try to respond to each email with 48 hours!

Pinky Frink Stars in Her First Video!

8 Mar

How exciting is it to have your creation, the character you’ve written countless stories about, star in her first video? I can honestly say it just tickles me PINK! I am just so thrilled with how the video clip turned out and as a person who has always promoting literacy and reading to kids at a very early age, I am ecstatic that I have a new tool to introduce Pinky to wee ones and parents alike.

The video launched just in time for Pinky’s next adventure book, Pinky’s Special Present, which is scheduled for release by the end of this month. I want to thank all of the Pinky Frink fans out there – you make my world and Pinky’s a wonderful place to be!

Pinky’s Happy Holiday – Kids on a Cruise!

26 Jul

How does one enjoy a vacation full of historical sites, water sports, shopping and high sea fun? Why, you go on a cruise – and that’s just what the Frink family does in Pinky Frink’s latest adventure, “Pinky’s Happy Holiday“. In this fun, rhyming tale Pinky has her first experience afloat on the sea. Accompanied by both her parents,  Pinky is kept very busy with lots of fun activities.

A day at the ship’s kids camp results in making a new friend. The family also enjoys many different excursions, including climbing to the top of an Aztec temple, water tubing, kayaking and a swim with the dolphins. On a trip to the waterfall, when Pinky is afraid of the rushing water, she knows she only has to hold on tight to her mother. Of course no vacation would be complete without some shopping time, so Cozumel sees the Frink family go on a shopping trip. Pinky really enjoys getting all decked out for the captain’s dinner on formal night, wearing her pink evening dress with a pink rose in her hair.

When the excitement of the day overtakes poor Pinky, her mother must remind her to settle down, but all in all, she is a mannered, well behaved child. As with all of Pinky’s adventures, this one contains gentle hints about respecting your parent’s authority and acting responsibly.

Every young child will thoroughly enjoy the storyline and the adorable illustrations in “Pinky’s Happy Holiday“! The book is available digitally or in a wonderful, perfect-bound paperback edition.